Thursday, July 12, 2012

Two Projects, Ten Dollars

So my mom and I did projects yesterday.  I would say all in all it was a success.  I had two projects I was desperately wanting to work on.  First we had to make a trip to JoAnn Fabrics and to Home Depot.  The town I live in has absolutely no shopping choices.  Seriously.  We have a grocery store and a Dollar General.  Those are the two places to shop.  Not always the most useful for any project.  Even though I did get the twine for my wreath at the DG.

When my mom got here we headed off to shop.  I needed to get fabric for my roman shades and spray paint to refinish my table.  And we needed lunch.  Both of my projects were ones I could have totally done on my own, however, when you're ripping apart the blinds out of your bathroom, you want a little moral support.  Yup, I found a tutorial for repurposing blinds to make them (with some fabric) into roman shades.  I read directions from multiple tutorials, just google no sew roman shades.  We looked forever to find the right fabric.  I finally end up with a turquoise and green flower print.  And to make it even better, I had a 50% off coupon so my fabric was about $5.  I already had blinds and fabric glue so that cost me nothing.  It looks amazing.  Our bathroom has a beachy feel and the shades are the perfect finishing touch.  The print isn't too in your face.  Now I just have to figure out the right time of day to take pictures.

Our other project was refinishing a table.  I had been looking for a while for a turquoise table to put in our living room.  There's a problem though, I'm cheap.  Very very cheap.  In a dream world I could find anything for $20 and just refinish it.  Or find something on super sale/clearance.  I love a bargain.  I desperately wanted this table from Target.
Gorgeous, right.  So pretty and so leggy.  But for $60, no thank you.  I know, that's not expensive for a table but remember, I'm cheap.  And the only one they had at my local Target was chipped, so definitely not worth $60.  The other day I was folding laundry in our guest bedroom and had the best idea ever.  In that room I have two small end tables and a ClosetMaid cabinet.  Everytime I'm digging in the cabinet I desperately wish there was better lighting in that room.  The primary light source is lamps, both located on the small end tables.  That means when I'm digging around for clothes in the dark at 6am, I can't find anything.  So, I realized I didn't really need both end tables, that one could come to the living room.  

So now the cabinet has moved to a new corner of the spare bedroom and has a lamp on top.  And the great round leggy table has moved to the living room.  Well, actually right now it's sitting on the deck getting rid of the spray paint stink.  The look of this table was great to start with.  My Grandma Celia gave it to me when they were cleaning out her sister in laws house.  My mom guesstimated that it is from the 40s or 50s.  It's super light weight wood that has a glass top.  It did have a faux wood finish painted underneath the glass.  The original wood finish was in kind of rough shape.  My mom and I talked about it and determined that Celia would be happy for me to repaint it so we grabbed a $4 can of  Rustoleum spray paint in turquoise and Home Depot and headed home.  As I'm looking at it from my chair in the living room, I am absolutely in love.  

I'm pretty much in love with my projects from yesterday.  And my mom was so impressed with everything we had done since the last time she came to visit.  Pictures are coming soon.  Like when the table comes to where it belongs instead of outside on the deck.

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