Friday, July 20, 2012

Trim it up

I'm temporarily at a stand still on my inside projects.  We went to Home Depot last night and got floor samples for out kitchen floor.  They're just kind of traveling around our kitchen so we can decide what we like.  Apparently we have expensive taste.  And we need to get a corded drill so we can screw deck screws into our kitchen floor to get rid of the squeaks.  Apparently our cordless drill is too wimpy to do the job.  But I will be glad to not have a squeaky kitchen floor anymore.

We're getting ready to start painting the outside of the house.  We're going to add trim around the base of the house where the siding meets the concrete.  We have cedar siding so it runs perpendicular to the ground instead of parallel.  And adding trim will make it look more finished.  We're also going to put trim around our two sliding glass doors because for some reason they never trimmed out the doors.  So last night we estimated and then bought 80 feet of cedar 1x2 boards.  
Trim waiting to be painted.
ignore the trashy rail on the spiral staircase.  It' hopefully getting replaced soon.

2 sides of the trim painted.  A soft dark grey.  Love it.
The other two sides will be white so that where the top edge of the trim meets the siding, it can be caulked and will blend in.  

We're still in the middle of a huge heat wave.  The meteorologists are saying it's one of the hottest summers on record.  That means any outside work that I do has to be done early.  I had a coat of paint on the trim and was back inside by 9.  I'm going on a mini vacay to my sister's next week.  When I get back I'm going to start painting the house in tiny sections early in the morning so I don't die from heat stroke.  I'm excited to get started painting so I can get the trim up, it's going to look so good.


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