Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shiny things and seafood

My summer vacation is almost over and it makes me super sad.  So I'm trying to squeeze the last little bit of fun out of my break.  Today was a fun failure.  A trip to the doctor, still no answers as to why I break out in hives all the time.  Running errands.  A bottle of sparkly turquoise nail polish.  And I cooked an amazing dinner.

First and possibly most importantly, new sparkly nail polish.  I desperately love gel manicures.  However, I'm cheap and moderately skeeved out by community nail polish and the potential of infections from nail salon tools.  So I can justify buying new nail polish fairly frequently because that's always cheaper than a manicure. Okay, I love love love glitter, much to my husband's dismay.  It's hard to find good glittery polish.  Thankfully Sally Hansen has come out with a good one.  And I'm in love.  I have it in turquoise and in pink.  Fabulous!

It was seafood night at our house.  One of my favorite things to cook.  Crab, shrimp and pasta.
We buy this great package of imitation crab meat that comes more like crab legs.  I saute it with butter, lemon, garlic, and a couple different Cajun seasonings.  So delicious.

That crab then goes into pasta.  Tonight I was lazy and had just bought one of those packets of pasta that comes with the sauce in it and you just add water and milk to cook it.  Last week it was homemade crab alfredo.  Yum.

And tonight we added shrimp.  I boil it with Zatarain's Shrimp, Crab & Crawfish boil.  It tastes delicious but it drives me out of the kitchen.  It's super strong.  But results in amazing shrimp.  So it's really a super easy dinner, but looks fairly impressive.

Before I met my husband I had never cooked any seafood.  In the past 5 years, I think I've gotten pretty good at fish and the like.  

Tomorrow there will be craft projects.  I can't wait!  There will also be more cooking.  Lasagna and chocolate pie.  Yum.  And some reading in the mix.  And I'm still uploading wedding pictures.  This may take a while.

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