Thursday, July 5, 2012

Like a Gremlin

What?  The other day my husband compared my hair to a gremlin.  Yes, a gremlin.  You may be thinking I should've been insulted.  It's true though.  I have a lot of hair.  Anytime someone new has cut my hair, they comment on the serious amount of hair I have.  It's super thick, fairly fine, and incredibly hard to control.  And it's not because I use bad products or any of the obvious reasons.  My hair used to be straight, very very straight.  The older I've gotten, the curlier my hair has gotten.

Even when my hair was naturally straight, it was big.  I have a lot of natural body.  I try to reign it in.  I've used salon products almost my entire life, thanks to an aunt that worked in the hair industry.  I'm fairly sure she was even a little overwhelmed by my hair.

One summer I tried to cheap out and buy gel at Wal-Mart.  I'm pretty sure I could hear my hair actually laughing at me as it just got bigger.  So I use good product.  And I wear a lot of ponytails in the summer.

So, remember the three rules for Gremlins?  No water, no food after midnight, no bright light.  Really only the first and last rules apply to my hair.  If once my hair is fixed, it gets wet, game over.  That's when the no bright light comes in.  It starts to frizz and poof.  Super unattractive.  This also counts for humidity.  Hey, I live in the Midwest which is full of humidity.  So you can probably imagine how my hair looks all summer.  It's terrible.  I use expensive (totally worth it) hair product -- it's an anti-frizz product, I also use BioSilk every day to combat the poof.

Like I just finished fixing my hair a few minutes ago.  When I go outside to take the dog out, my hair is pretty much guaranteed to grow.  And then end up in a ponytail.

My husband and I went to the lake for the holiday yesterday with his family.  His mom has super cute short hair.  Even after a boat ride and a day on the water, she can run her fingers through her hair and it looks so cute.  My hair went up in a knot as soon as we were ready to get in the water.  By the time we headed back to the marina, I had a halo of frizz.  Ug.  No amount of headband, scarves, product controls this mess.

I've started wearing my hair curly more.  That actually seems to be helping.  When my hair is curly, I like it to be big.  And I think people kind of expect curly hair to be big and maybe not quite so smooth.  So I am trying to embrace this mess.

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