Friday, August 24, 2012

football season

Between being back to work and being sick for the last week and a half, it's been hard to keep up with things.  I haven't done a single project since I started back to work.  And I'm pretty sure I've quit cleaning the house.  Not good!  It's a disaster.

I'm also pretty sure tonight is the first night I've actually cooked dinner this week.  Sheesh.  In my defense, Monday I had a work dinner I had to go to.  Tuesday, I have no idea what happened.  I don't remember Tuesday.  Wednesday night we had Meet the Teacher night an an open house for the new wing of our building so my amazing husband brought me Oklahoma Joe's burnt ends for dinner.  Amazing!  Yesterday was my birthday and my husband was sick so I had leftover burnt ends and made him a hot ham and cheese.

But tonight, tonight was a cooking night.  I made baked potato soup.  And holy cow, it was amazing!  I'm still kind of considering eating a second bowl.  I know, it's really not cold enough for soup, but having been sick and my husband still being sick, I thought soup would really hit the spot.  And it did.  It is in no way healthy, but it's soy free so I can eat it.  Also, obviously peanut free.

So we are on the very edge of football season.  I'm pretty sure that is the best time of year at our house.  We are big Chiefs fans.  We're watching the third pre-season game right now.  Our second date was a Chiefs game.  I had no idea what was going on, but I'm really good at clapping and cheering when other people do. I've picked up a lot since then.  I'm just not always the best at paying attention.  When we go to games I get distracted people watching.

We are having a Labor Day party next weekend.  That means I am going to have to whip our house into shape.  Eek.  I'm thinking if the hubby is still sick tomorrow that will give me some good time to get the house deep cleaned so that I just have to do a quick run through next weekend before our party.

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