Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tied up like a pretzel

I made homemade pretzels last night.  Oh man, were they good.  I need to learn to look at a recipe before I decide to make it though.  Sure, I had all the ingredients, I knew I had those. But, I failed to see how long they would take to make.  And I didn’t start pretzel making until 8.  So I got them all mixed up and then they had to rise for an hour.  So that meant I didn’t start actually cooking them until after 9.  Oh boy.

So I got to finish watching Covert Affairs while my pretzels did their thing.  I started off following the recipe and rolling them into pretzel sticks.  Ug.  They looked terrible and it was a huge pain.  So I made pretzel bites instead and just rolled the dough into little balls.  The recipe called for kosher salt.  I have never in my life purchased kosher salt.  No specific reason, I just haven’t ever done it.  So, what did I use?  Margarita salt, because that’s something I almost always have on hand.  It makes sense, right, it’s way coarser than table salt.  It worked.  And it was funny.

I also topped some with cinnamon and sugar.  They were good but didn’t turn out very sweet; even though I sprinkled on what I thought would be waaaaaay too much sugar.  Maybe if I made a nice glaze to dip them in.  I bet that would be good.  I will definitely be making these again.

The pretzels weren’t as hard as I expected.  I had never made anything with yeast before so I was a little intimidated.  My sister makes the best yeast rolls and I know they take forever to make and are a serious process.  Really other than having to let the pretzels rise for an hour, it didn’t take that long.  And they were so delicious that it was totally worth it.  The roof of my mouth may be a little raw today from excessive salt consumption but I’ll take it.

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