Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Off the Wall

Okay, so today is supposed to be a day to be motivated.  I'm trying.  So far, I haven't been super successful.  I finished reading a book.  And I did actually start one of my craft projects.  And I have pictures of another finished project!

So first, the project I've started...  I am cheap, so so cheap.  I like to make things myself.  Since I moved out of my parents house, I have been trying to put my mark on where I live.  My favorite way to do it, is through making things myself -- allowing me to continue being cheap :)  Our house has had a serious lack of stuff on the walls because I haven't found what I want.  Or if I've found it, it's way to expensive.  So for now, I am remaking canvases I already have.  The current project is the living room.

So this is what I started with.  These were canvases that were in our living room at our apartment.  I've always had burgandy as a strong color in my living room because it went with our old couch -- it had pink undertones.  But now I've replaced the burgandy with turquoise and we've sent the pinkish couch to the basement.  So right now the canvases got their first coat of cream paint.  They will get one more coat of just cream and then a last coat with cream mixed with a hint of gold.  And then there are plans for a turquoise stencil.  Inspired by these....

I can't wait to see how it turns out!  I hope it's fabulous.  I finished the art to go up in our bedroom.  Granted, it's all still sitting in our living room waiting to go on the walls, but I'm still happy with the finished product.

I originally had something else in mind, but I found new inspiration and the right stencil and it ended up being way less work.  This is where my idea came from.

So I'm hoping the living room project is going to have the same level of success.  Fingers crossed!  Now I have to get busy.  I have a lot to do before I have to get ready to go out for girls night.

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