Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I made the best smoothie in the world for breakfast this morning.  The whole time I was drinking it, I kept thinking, “Man, this thing is so good!”  Oh holy cow, it was DELICIOUS.  I may be in love with this smoothie.  It was way too delicious for breakfast really.  It seemed more like a decadent treat.  Only, it was healthy!  Three cheers for delicious, treat-like, and healthy!  I seriously cannot get over how good it was.  I have been telling any co-worker that would listen how delicious this smoothie was.  And then proceeding to tell them how to make it, as if they care.

So, this was a Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie.  I know, I know, it sounds super weird.  My breakfast foods have been severely limited since the whole food allergy issue.  In case you didn’t know, pretty much all bread has soybeans in it.  So do all those handy little convenience foods like granola bars, Pop Tarts (don’t judge, I love Pop Tarts!), and pretty much anything frozen or drive thru.  That means it’s kind of hard to make a mobile breakfast.  I drive an hour to work so I usually eat in the car.  I can eat cereal or oatmeal, but neither of those are really safe driving foods.  So that’s why I was super excited for this smoothie.  It combined everything you would potentially want for breakfast and dumps it into a cup that can then be drunk through a Starbucks straw (still in the wrapper) that you find in the bottom of your purse.  Win!

Without further ado, the best smoothie ever:
-½ C oatmeal (I threw it in the blender first so that it was nice and powdery, not chunky and weird)  (I also use steel  cut oats so they’re less processed)
-A handful of strawberries (I used raspberries too because they were in the same bag in the freezer)
-1 C milk (the recipe calls for soy but I used skim for obvious reasons)
-1/2 C yogurt (I used strawberry)
-1 tsp sugar
-a splash of vanilla

Then you just blend the whole thing up and pour it in a big cup.  You will seriously love me for sharing this recipe with you.  I found it on All Recipes – my favorite recipe website.  The recipe says this is two servings but I definitely drank the whole thing myself, there wasn’t going to be any sharing going on.  And really, that’s not an unreasonable amount of food for breakfast. And it had two servings of dairy and one of fruit.  So to me, that’s a total win.

And for your viewing pleasure, I took a picture of it while I was driving to work.  Don’t worry, I was stopped at a Stop sign on my nice non-busy road.  That’s my cute, but not practical for filing, dress in the corner of the picture.  I didn’t really think about what I needed to do at work today when I got dressed this morning.  But I had that delicious smoothie and I got to work on time so I think I can still call the day a success.

Now I’m going to have to buy straws on my way home from work because I know there aren’t any more stray Starbucks straws in my purse.  And something about drinking a smoothie without a straw seems like a very bad idea.  The kind of bad idea where I would show up to work covered in smoothie.  Not cool.

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