Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hangin' Out

It's official!  I have art up in the living room and bedroom.  I could not be happier!  And considering I spent about $15 on two projects to paint 5 canvases I'd say that's not bad at all.

So in the living room we started with canvases that looked like this (even though they had not been up on a wall since we lived in our apartment)
And now we have this...

And the art is up in the bedroom too.  As a side note, my only real complaint about our house is the master bedroom and bath are tiny.  We have a king size bed and it takes up most of our room.  I had to stand with my back against the closet door to take a picture.  I also stood on the bed with my giant level to hang my canvases.  Sometimes it's better that I do these things when I'm home by myself.
It's not exactly the right scale, but for working with what I had, I like it.  And I'm still in love with our new bed frame.  Even if I did bruise my foot putting it together (you should probably wear shoes to put together or move furniture, lesson learned).

And now it's time to go play with the puppy and do some work on the outside of the house.  It quit raining and I don't think it's super hot out.  So, time for caulking and paint.  I really know how to live it up.

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