Monday, August 13, 2012

grocery shopping is hard

What?  I know, grocery shopping in real life is not in any way difficult.  Unless you don't know what you want to cook for dinner or something.  But, when you cannot have soy, it's hard to grocery shop.  I have to say, Walmart does not have a great selection of soy free foods.  I came home and my husband asked what I got, I almost had to laugh.

When you're kind of a chubby girl, you feel a little (a lot) self-conscious reading the label of every single food before it goes in your cart.  You start to feel like everybody is assuming you're on a diet and checking calories, fat, or something else.  Sure, those are benefits, I am having to eat way healthier without the choice of soy.  That basically boils down to pretty much zero convenience foods.

I think I did reasonably okay buying groceries.  I bought butter with canola oil to make it spreadable.  Margarine has soybeans in it.  There's pretty much no cereal or bread I can eat.  So I got eggs, so that I can make an omelet or some other portable egg for breakfast.  I also got fruit.  Lots of fruit.  It's draining right now so it can go in a big bowl in my fridge, ready for eating.

And I'm making things from scratch.  We had Chipotle style burritos for dinner.  Rice, black beans, corn, grilled steak, red peppers and onions.  It was pretty darn delicious.  And now I'm on a mission to learn to make bread.  I'm not going to 100% give up bread, it's too good.  But I know it's something I can make so that I can eat it.  I'm just going to have to adapt.

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