Friday, August 3, 2012

paint and decoupage

I started painting the outside of our house this morning.  I've always liked the general look of our siding.  Until I started painting.  It's way too much like paneling.  We have cedar siding which holds up really well but is a huge pain to paint.  I just did one section.  And I didn't truly realize how bad the old paint looked until I started trimming around the doors.
The before.  
Well, with the door and the outlet trimmed, shows how bad the old paint looked

Why our siding sucks.
I had to come back with a paint brush and paint each of those gray stripes.  Ug.

All done!
Now it's just waiting for me to add trim around the door and at the ground.

So, as soon as my husband gets home, trim is going up.  I was just too lazy to haul the miter box and the air compressor around the house.  So hopefully he will be up for putting some trim up when he gets home from work.  I was pretty sure that me using power tools unsupervised was a bad idea.  So for now I'm working on some of my projects for my office.  And watching P.S. I Love You.  I'm going to have to do a little cleaning at some point today, but for now it's projects and movies.  And then a trip to Sonic for a milk shake.

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