Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back in Black

Okay, maybe not really.  I didn't even wear black today, today it was a plaid summer dress.  I do wear a lot of black though.  But really, we're back from vacation.  It was perfect.  And I felt so relaxed when we got home.  I love vacation.  So, here are a few vacation pictures.  Or a lot.  Oops.
It rained on Friday.  :( 

Saturday morning we went fishing.  Then I gave up and went shopping.  I got a new Coach wallet that matches my bag.  Yippee!

I took a stalker-ish picture of my husband when I got back from shopping.  The zoom on my new camera is amazing.

Saturday night we watched the Mizzou game and drank wine.  There are no pictures from watching the game because we were too busy being sad they lost.  And no one looks good in pictures after much wine.

Sunday we ate at Captain Ron's.  It's shaped like a pirate ship, sets right on the water, and serves delicious food.  They have a Captain Morgan statue outside, obviously we had to pose with it.  The split picture is yet another fun feature my camera offers.

We sat outside and drank wine.   Mmmm, wine.

Watching the sun set.

Almost down.  Perfect view for a glass of wine.

My husband caught a lot of fish.  One of those is mine.

Hilarious signs on the way to a winery.  We chose to ignore the white sign and listen to the orange sign.  Well worth it!

Our view for lunch on Monday, overlooking the river.  We managed to eat every meal on the water.  Perfect!

Now that we're back from vacation I'm working on making a pom pom wreath.  Pretty excited about it.  And so far I've only used yarn I already had in my embarassingly large yarn stash.  Pictures to come.  Right now the pom poms are all in a basket in my living room waiting to be trimmed and fluffed.

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