Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chores I Hate

This summer I think I did remarkably well being a stay at home wife.  I cooked dinner.  I kept the house clean(ish).  I did house projects.  I decorated.  However, there are chores I avoid at all costs...

I hate folding laundry.  I had these great plans to get all the laundry put away before my mom came Saturday, and if not that, at least put away before our Labor Day party on Sunday.  It Did Not Happen.  I didn't even pretend.  I kept my mom away from that part of the house.  On Sunday though, there were people that hadn't seen our house before and wanted a tour.  And we got to the spare bedroom and laundry room and there were my guilty mountains of laundry.  If I were a good blogger I would have take an honest and embarrassing photo.  I failed though.  Seriously, four baskets of laundry in the spare bedroom and a bunch of laundry on the floor in the laundry room.  Bad.  I just shrugged an apology and continued the tour.  If people are true friends they won't judge your piles of laundry, right?  And the thing is, I felt okay about it.  I did put most of it away last night and washed another load.

I really really hate doing laundry though.  I don't mind the washing or the drying or really even the sorting.  It's the folding and putting away that I don't like.  During the summer I would bribe myself with TV shows while I folded.  I would save up some Royal Pains, Gilmore Girls, Craft Wars, pretty much any of the shows my husband doesn't like.  And I would watch one episode per load of laundry.  And I had to put away each load between shows.  During the school year that works out less well because I am working during the day.  And there is considerably less TV watching time at night.  So I am still trying to figure out how to fold laundry like a grown up.

I also don't like cleaning the shower.  When we bought our house the master shower was a terrifying place full of mildew.  My mom and I worked for days to get it clean.  There was an unhealthy amount of Kaboom shower cleaner and DG bleach.  Now it sparkles.  Why does it still sparkle?  Because we have not used that shower since it got sparkly clean.  Weird not to use our master shower, yes.  We use the shower/bath in our main bathroom.  Which I avoid cleaning.  I did the grout a while back, I used one of those nifty bleach pens, it worked like magic.  I occasionally spray vinegar in the shower/tub and pretend that counts as cleaning.  I really want one of those zero effort shower cleaner products to work as well as they swear they do.  They don't.  Sigh.

Then there are chores I don't mind, I'm just too lazy to do.  Specifically the floors.  Like I'm pretty good about keeping the house picked up, for the most part.  Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping -- I suck at getting it done.  I'm trying to get better at those though.

In other news....  I'm kind of excited for hunting season to start.  That will mean more time for sewing projects.  I can't wait to start using my new sewing machine!  I'm thinking some throw pillows to start with.  Super excited!  And it will be another excuse to avoid doing those distasteful chores.  Or maybe I can bribe myself, a bathroom for a throw pillow.  A load of laundry for a set of napkins.

I'm also already planning the fall wreaths I'm going to make.  I can't wait!  I have plans to make a warm fuzzy wreath for my sister for her birthday.  And a new scrap wreath for the front door in fall colors.  And I'm starting to think a little about Christmas wreaths and decorations.  I'm also debating whether I want to switch out seasonal decor on the mantle.  Opinions?

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