Monday, September 24, 2012

Nothing Like a Little Paint

We started painting the outside of our house yesterday.  Well, technically I guess I started painting it back in August, so in reality we just kept working on painting the outside of our house.  A new coat of paint is making such a huge difference!

When I painted outside of the basement I was pretty impressed.  The siding got a new coat of white paint, we added some grey trim and I painted the shutters.  They had been a disgusting turquoise green.  The front and south end were not aesthetically bad colors, they were just in bad shape.  On the south end of the house, the paint was peeling horribly.  The front was bad. I had started painting but never finished it.

Yesterday my mom and I got the lower part of the south end of the house done.  There wasn’t really much to it.  Just two sets of shutters and a tiny bit of siding under the windows.  The rest is brick.  But it looks so much better.  We patched some of the wood that had issues and everything got a new coat of paint.

My husband and dad got all the soffit on the front of the house painted and we got all the siding, shutters, and trim on the front painted.  And they tackled the shutters on the back. These were probably the ugliest.  They were still that gross turquoise green.  So yes, until yesterday we had three different shutter colors.  The dark grey new paint, a slate blue paint on part of the shutters and that turquoise green on the rest.  Super attractive, right.  Now there are just one set of ugly shutters left.  They’re going to require a ladder to get rid of.  Hopefully they will be grey when I get home today.

My amazing parents are spending two days painting our house.  They came up yesterday and are going to work all day today while we’re at work.  I’m excited to see how it looks when I get home. 

No house pictures yet, they are coming soon.  I am so excited about it!  The only pictures I took yesterday were of my mom sitting in our shrubs, not exactly a picture the world needs to see, even if it was very funny.

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