Tuesday, September 18, 2012

She's Got Sole

Oh boy.  That's a bad pun.  I had this whole post planned out in my head about all the fall crafty/house projects I am getting ready to start on.  I am super excited about them.  And I was super excited about the post too.  Then I started thinking about shoes during the last twenty minutes of work and everything changed.

I love shoes.  I mean I really love shoes.  I worked at a shoe store all the way through college.  And I am still ridiculously loyal to that shoe store.  I even still make a special point to go to that specific branch of the store to buy shoes because I am still partial to it.  I have shoes in two closets and all my flip flops hanging in a shoe bag on the back of our spare bedroom door.  I have a lot of shoes.

Here's the thing though, I rarely spend much money on shoes.  I blame it partially on working so long in a shoe store that if I waited long enough I could get a super deal.  Also, I'm kind of cheap.  I love flip flops and ballet flats.  They are my go to shoes for practically every outfit.  Heck, I even wore $10 red ruffled flats from Target when I got married.

I wear flip flops from March to November. I finally have started wearing Reef flip flops.  I'm in love.  We're pretty much in a committed relationship.  Sure, I have at least a dozen other pairs, but the Reefs are my favorite.

Then there's the flats.  I bought two new pairs last year.  One of which were actually fairly nice shoes.  I forget what brand they are.  They're a little granny-ish, but nice and comfy.  And I can wear them with socks and not look like a total idiot when it's cold out.  But the rest of my flats are in sad sad shape.

The sad state of my flats is what prompted me to start looking at shoes online instead of working.  Today I had on some bronze Skechers ballet flats that I bought at least six years ago.  Yes, six.  There are a few problems with them.  First, they smell really bad.  Probably because I've worn them barefoot for six years.  So that's six years of foot sweat.  Gross.  Second, they are totally worn out.  Maybe because they're six years old.  Third, the soles are practically worn off.  And yet I still wear them, probably about once a week, to work.  I also have a pair of zebra print flats I bought at Target probably about three years ago.  They are also absolutely worn out.  I need to just give up and throw them in the trash.  But I can't.  They are my "neutral" shoes.  I know, bronze and zebra are not neutral.  But if you think about it, they are.  I can wear them with almost anything.

So, I am refusing to throw them in the trash can until I find a suitable replacement pair for each.  I have come to the realization that it might be okay to spend more than $20 on a pair of shoes.  Especially since I wear them until they are absolutely dead.  So, today I hit up Zappos, my favorite place to get shoes if I can't go to my shoe store.  And I found a bronze pair and a leopard print pair.  I really desperately want new zebra ones but the leopard might have to do.
So, they are the same shoes, just different colors.  Here is the link.  I am totally drooling over them.  I think I may order one and try them out and then order a second pair.  They are pretty pretty shoes.  And maybe they would last better if I paid actual money for them.

So, we never watch TV shows when they are actually on.  Right now I'm watching the CMA thing that was on last night.  And nobody told me The Band Perry sang their cover of Fat Bottom Girls.  I embarassingly love this song.  I mean it's made me totally like The Band Perry more.  They did it when we saw them open for Brad Paisley.  I love a good cover, especially if it's unexpected.  BTW, Brad Paisley does a cover of Sharp Dressed Man.  Amazing.  Anyway, for your viewing pleasure....  Watch it, you'll thank me.  I promise.

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