Friday, November 16, 2012

Dear Santa

In my family we've switched up how we do Christmas now that we're all adults.  I have three sisters, two parents, and now there are boyfriends and a husband.  So there's kind of a lot of us.  And it gets super expensive to buy a good present for at least seven other people.  Do the math people, it's a lot.  So we've tried different things.  There were a few years we did homemade gifts.  I personally loved it but not everyone was so thrilled by it.  Then we did the get everyone a small present thing, like under $10.  Personally this was my least favorite.  This year we're back to doing one of the things I really like, we draw names and just buy a gift for the person whose name we drew.  My sisters and I do stockings for my parents.  My parents do stockings for all of us and then get us all something small.  It works out pretty well I think.

So, since we draw names, and we actually pick names out of a bowl, you don't always end up with someone you know what to buy for.  Last year I got my sister's friend who comes to our holiday stuff.  I had no idea what to buy him.  So we set up a family email address and we all send a wish list to that email so everyone can get on and see what we want.  It works out pretty well.  Except sometimes it's really hard to come up with things you want.  Our price limit is $50.  I'm really bad about just going and buying the things I want.  Or the things I might want are too expensive.

Like these.
So I accidentally bought them for myself the other day on Amazon because I was buying a couple of counseling books for my elementary kiddos.  And I found a coupon.  So yes, I justified spending $80 (with my coupon) on boots just because I was buying boots.  Don't tell my husband, m'kay?  These are supposed to be the best boots though.  They're waterproof, thinsulate, and rated to like -30 degrees or something insane like that.  Perfect for Chiefs games, general winter yuckiness and maybe even duck hunting. 

Anyway, back to my list.  I finally came up with things to ask for.  I thought really hard.  I still feel like I could've done better on my list, but this is what I've got.

And a turquoise lamp for the living room.  Something like one of these....
(1, 2, 3)

What do you have on your Christmas list?  Or do you even still make a Christmas list?

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