Monday, November 5, 2012

Duck, Duck,.... Nothing

I went duck hunting with my husband Saturday morning.  Duck hunting means getting up at 5am (yes, really 5am), putting on lots of layers of clothes, wearing my husband's hunting boots, drinking coffee, and sitting in the woods for a long time.  And seeing only 5 ducks that were very far away.  But guess what, we had fun.

I left my camera in the truck so all I really have is cell phone pictures.  But, here they are because well, going duck hunting ought to be commemorated.
 The ducks don't care if you wear make up.  Neither does your husband, because you are an awesome wife and got up at 5 on a Saturday to go duck hunting.

Taking creepy, stalker-ish pictures of my husband while he is looking for ducks.  Glad he asked me to go with him.  

Picking up duck decoys.  This is a truly terrible picture.  Should've brought my real camera.

Duck hunting over.  Ready to head home.  I am in love with that sweat shirt I'm wearing.  If only it weren't camo, I would wear it all the time.

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