Thursday, November 29, 2012

Open Season

In Missouri it's duck season.  And goose season. And for a few more days, deer season.  What does that mean?  All of those mean my husband is going hunting this weekend, Saturday at least.  When we were first married I hated hunting season.  I was still in grad school and if he was gone hunting it meant I actually had to do homework.  I didn't have an excuse.  And I knew I better do it while he was gone so we could spend time together when he was done and I wouldn't be stuck doing homework.  Now, grad school is over.  That means while he's gone I can craft, decorate, and clean to my heart's content.  I love it.

So, since I know there will be hunting on Saturday I have great plans.  I'm going to finish my Christmas decorating.  And I'm going to clean my house.  Cleaning is never fun, but when I know decorating and crafting is going to happen right after, it makes it totally okay.

And maybe I better wrap up No Clutter November since the month is almost over.  Sheesh.  Here''s a quick quick update.  The laundry room is almost under control.  The hall bathroom is a thousand percent better.  My storage solutions under the cabinet have helped immensely.  I love opening those doors.  I have actually been putting stuff away in our bedroom so that's pretty amazing.  The linen closet is fairly well under control.  For some reason it's helped that I've quit storing toilet paper in there.  I'm not sure why that mattered so much but I feel like it's given me much more space.  The closet in the laundry room is getting knocked out this weekend.  And the office....  I'd rather not talk about the office.  So instead I'm just going to be impressed with what I've gotten done other places.  Stay tuned for an update with pictures early next week hopefully.

Now the real question, what am I going to work on this weekend?

I'm going to be putting wreaths up on the outside of our bay windows.  I'm going to have to figure out how to reach the top, it may involve standing on the shrubs.  Wish me luck.  Maybe somebody should come check on me.....  I got the idea from Thrifty Decor Chick and her gorgeous shutters.

I'm in love.  Absolutely in love.  I just grabbed some red ribbon and three cheap wreaths at Walmart.  Hopefully it turns out as well as I want it to.  And I don't injure myself standing on the shrubs.

I'm also going to get my mantle finished.  Last night I wrapped new ribbon around my candle holders.  I'm loving switching these out for the season.  I just bought some pretty cream ribbon at World Market.  I'm kind of wishing I'd bought silver or gold but I couldn't decide so I just went with cream.  It's okay but it could be better.  So, on the mantle I'm going to put some cute little canvases on either side of my tree and mirror.  Sort of like these from the Lovely Cupboard

And I'm going to finally finish my stupid little Christmas tree cones.  If JoAnn's doesn't have them when I go this weekend, I'm just making my own.  I give up.  I keep seeing them on Pinterest and blogs everywhere and they're gorgeous.  I have one little one done and I love it.  I just need to do my other little one and buy two medium and two large so that I can be done.  Fingers crossed.

Anybody else struggling to get all their Christmas decorating done?  Or love it when their husband is gone so that you can have a crafting free for all?


  1. Absolutely LOVE the last mantle picture! I definitely need to work on some more Christmas crafts!

    1. Me too! I'm in love with it. I'm hoping to recreate the confetti pieces on the sides.
      I'm planning on my Christmas stuff being done this weekend. If I'm not, I'm throwing the towel in and calling it done.