Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Chore Wheel

Okay, there's really no chore wheel at all.  It was just a sad excuse to be able to include a clip from The Office.  Whee!  I love The Office.  Not the British one.  I haaaaate the British one.  I know, I know, it's the original, theoretically it should be better.  But I hate it.  Anyway, here you go, then we'll get back on track.  But you have to actually watch it, because well, it's great.
Back on track now.  As we've previously discussed, I hate house cleaning.  It's such a lame-o way to spend your time.  I would like my house to just stay magically clean.  But the other day I was on Pinterest (I know, I know, everything comes from Pinterest, leave me alone) and found this Cleaning Calendar.
And I fell in love.  Only I adapted it a little.  Let's be realistic. There are only two of us.  We definitely don't fill up the dishwasher everyday.  And I'm never going to be up in time to do dishes in the morning.  And I can't make the bed before I leave because my husband is still in bed.  Not because he's lazy but because he goes to work much later than I do.  So, here's my list.  If I was really with it, I would've saved it as a jpeg so I could've shared my pretty version.  Maybe later this week.  For now, here's the down and dirty version.

Cleaning Calendar
Start load of laundry
Wipe down bathroom counters and sink
Chore of the day
Wipe down kitchen counters
Sweep floor
Fold/put away laundry
Monday:  Vacuum
Tuesday:  Clean mirrors
Wednesday:  Toilets & tubs
Thursday:  Mop floors
Friday:  Whatever's needed

Totally feasible, right?  Hopefully.  Wish me luck.  Hopefully this keeps the house a little more under control. And now I have to go take care of the dog.

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