Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful Heart

As I was thinking about writing this post, A Muppet Christmas Carol kept coming to my mind.  This is my all time favorite Christmas movie.  We had the VHS when I was a kid, I bought the DVD a few years ago and every year when Christmas comes around, I make everyone possible watch it with me.  It's amazing.  What does that have to do with today?  So glad you asked, Chelsea over at Two-Twenty-One is hosting a sweet little link party.  This week's theme is "Be Thankful"  So, before we get to my project, here's a little clippy for you from A Muppet Christmas Carol
Watch it.  Humor me.  Be glad you don't live close enough for me to force you to watch the whole movie with me.  But seriously, if you've never seen the movie go watch it.  Do it now.

Okay, back to "Dare to Do it Yourself"

When I started thinking about the first challenge, I just wasn't sure.  I searched Pinterest.  I thought really hard.  I was already so in love with my fall mantle.  I mean serious love.  It's the first year I've decorated for fall and I was pretty impressed with myself.
I thought it was pretty darn snazzy.  Well, until my pumpkins started caving in.  There were some issues.  So by Saturday, the argyle pumpkin and the big orange pumpkin had gone in the trash.  That left me with just the mantle to work with.  I was most in love with my little leaf canvas so I worked with that a little.

I grabbed a tiny wooden plaque at JoAnn's.  I painted it cream.  I thought about brown for a long time but our mantle is brown and I was afraid it would blend in too much so cream it was.  Then I pulled out my bottle of brown craft paint and a small paintbrush and just freehanded the word "thanks" onto my piece of wood.  I'm not 100% happy with it, I feel like it could've been a little better but it'll do.
So, not too bad.  I do love that canvas though, with my brown leaf.  And the cute little polk a dot pumpkin.  Love it.  I guess all in all I'm pretty happy with it.  Honestly it's not still out though.  We don't host any holidays at our house so the fall has already been packed away and Christmas is starting to sneak out.  I may have accidentally put up the tree on Sunday.  And now my living room may be covered in glitter.  Here's a sneak peek....

It's not quite Christmas yet though.  And I do love Thanksgiving.  Anybody else making sweet fall/Thanksgiving crafts?  Or did you make a better craft than me?  Probably so.  


  1. I love the leaf artwork. Very cute and perfect for the season. I'm already jumping ahead to Christmas, too. It's just too much temptation.

    Thanks for linking up to Dare to DIY. Really appreciate it.

  2. What an awesome fireplace and mantel! I LOVE the pumpkins tucked into the fireplace. That would last about 2 seconds at my house before my 2-year old hauled them back out :-) The leaf artwork is so cute, and the little 'thanks' adds such a nice touch. Great work, and thanks for joining the party!

    1. Thanks so much! Our fireplace needs more work than I want to think about before it could hold a real fire, so for now I'm happy decorating inside it.

  3. Cute leaf artwork! Thanks for joining the par-tay!

    1. Thanks! I really loved that little leaf too. :)