Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Making a List

and checking it twice.

I decided it was time for an updated house list.  This permanently lives over on the To Do List page.  Sometimes it's nice to look back and see what we've done.  Especially when sometimes I feel like there's so much more to get done.  Ug.  And just when I think our house sucks, I go back and look at the before pictures, and even when our house is messy I know it's better than it used to be.

So, now.  The list....  It's long.  Get ready.


Rip out skanky old vinyl flooring (I like to call it linoleum because that's what we called it when I was a kid) [edit] We didn't end up having to rip it out, according to the good ole internet, I could patch any holes (which there were a few), make sure old flooring was firmly stuck (thanks staple gun) and prime the old flooring before putting down my new tile.
- Put in shiny new peel and stick vinyl tiles.  I found what I want at Home Depot.  I think I can do the whole project for about $30 and I'm hoping to start on Monday. [edit] It ended up costing about $40, I can't do math.
- Do a happy dance that the first thing you are greeted with upon entry to our house is not curling up linoleum with holes in it.  Classy.
Find a skinny bench to store shoes under so I can hide the shoes I like to kick off when I come in the door though (Not too skinny of a bench though, I have big feet) [edit] I ended up buying this table at a garage sale for a bargain.  As a bonus, it has great storage.
-Paint over terrible crackle finish 
-Paint weird white trim brown
-Paint front door 
-Paint closet & laundry room door 
-Paint ugly barnwood door frame 
- Add quarter round at the baseboards to finish floor

- Paint walls and paneling [edit] I may still want to repaint the actual hallway so the lower (formerly paneling) part of the walls is a darker color or so that the top part is a lighter color.  Or maybe paint the bottom part a darker color.  I can't decide.
- Replace carpet with wood laminate floors
- Hang art [edit] Even though this is one of the places there is actually stuff up on the wall, I'm not entirely happy with all of it.  I think some of it needs to change.

 Kitchen/Dining Room
- Rip out skanky old vinyl flooring.  It's covered with paint and has holes in it.  So attractive! [edit] After further investigation, we don't have to rip out the old floor.  We can just tack down the loose places and put down underlayment.
- Replace sub floor by dishwasher that is soft from the great pre-dishwasher installation leak of 2011.  Ug.
- Beg Dad and sister's boyfriend to install pretty new wood laminate floor
- Bake Dad butterscotch brownies in appreciation for new floor installation
- Add quarter round at baseboards to give the floor a more finished look.
- Run water line to freezer so our ice maker will make ice.
-Try to convince someone that building a seat under bay window for better kitchen seating is a great idea and that they want to help me build it
- Rearrange/replace art.  Hopefully a mini gallery wall.  [progress] New art is up in one place and I love it.  The other art I want I am either going to make or suck it up and buy.
Paint trim
Paint walls 
Paint cabinets 
- Relocate door knobs in a normal way
Repaint ceiling fan fixture and overhead kitchen light 
Install new backsplash 
Build exposed shelves on end of cabinet 
Replace ugly pink Formica countertop 
Replace brown cast iron sink with a shiny new sink 

 Living Room
- Find art
- Hide light sconce cords (yes, there are cords for our light sconces, it's tacky and I can't help it)
- Find cute turquoise end table [edit] I didn't even have to buy one, turns out I owned a table I could repaint.  Amazing.
- Buy lamps with turquoise accents.  At least one anyway
- Replace carpet with wood laminate floors.
- Paint trim
- Install trim around sliding glass door
Paint fireplace mantle
Paint built-ins by fireplace
Replace movie theater light sconces with normal ones 
Rewire overhead light in a safe way 
Paint walls 
Paint other ugly barnwood door frame 
Hang pretty curtains
Buy new couch and chair

Guest Bathroom
- Paint walls
- Paint vanity & cabinet
- Replace sink/countertop [edit] Has been purchased, just needs to be installed.  Woo hoo!
- Install new cabinet hardware
- Rip off strange single cabinet door
- Add crown molding around ceiling
- Trim out mirror
- Buy new faucett
- Install new towel bar
- Consider putting a shelf above the door
- Trim out upper cabinet? 

- Paint walls
- Hang curtains
- Find a better storage solution for wrapping paper and craft supplies.

 Master Bedroom
- Find a bed frame and start sleeping like a grown up.  We are too old for our bed to sit on the floor  [edit] We picked out a bed, it's getting delivered soon.  I can't wait! [edit] Delivered and in place!  I bruised the top of my foot.
- Get organized, that room is a disaster!
- Learn to put away my clothes.  Geez.
- Find art.  Notice a theme?  We have a lot of very empty walls. [edit] one wall has art, now I just need a couple other things.
- Paint horizontal stripes on wall behind the bed.
Install double closet rods and built in shoe rack 
Hang pretty curtains 

Master Bath
- Find real curtains to replace blinds.  [edit] Made roman shades with my mom.  Love them!
Buy bathroom rugs that actually match the bathroom  Thanks Dollar General!  $15 and it's exactly what I wanted.
-Paint walls 
Repaint built in cabinets
Hang art

Guest Bedroom
- Paint walls (get rid of crazy red and blue)
- Hang curtains
- Fix closet doors or at least get new knobs
- Paint trim?
- Install new overhead light
- Wish for a closet light

- Finish painting bar
Paint door (inside and out)
- Think about refinishing trim on stairs
- Desperately wish for a good way to paint the top half of the walls in the stairway
- Replace linoleum by door
- Rip out old carpet and replace it with something better
Paint walls 
Paint bar (most of it anyway) 
Knock out weird shelf in the bar and put in a mini fridge 
Hang art 
Buy fancy new TV
Make curtains out of sheets because I am cheap and it requires no sewing 

Basement bedroom
- Paint walls
- Install new overhead light
- Make curtains
- Replace baseboards
- Buy new switch plate cover that doesn't look like a light switch grill

Basement bathroom
- Paint walls
- Paint ceiling
- Install floor
- Buy shower curtain
- Consider cleaning horrifying shower
- Paint vanity
- Replace sink/countertop
- Replace faucet

-Paint outside of house -- shutters, trim, siding.  I got a quote for someone to come paint it for us.  The amount was horrifying.  But my Dad said he would help me do it.  Huge sigh of relief.
-Power wash house (that should probably come before the painting)
Power wash deck
Stain deck
- Paint and install trim around sliding glass doors
- Demo front side walk
- Put in new paver walkway
Trim shrubs 
Plant flowers (and actually kept them alive!)
Buy pavers to replace front sidewalk 
Put in pavers to expand downstairs patio 
Desperately wish to rip out shrubs
Pick shutter color 
Repaint garage doors (it's so fancy now!)

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