Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Fall of the Great Pumpkin

My pumpkin is caving in.  Yup, exactly what you just read.  Not a euphemism for anything.  My pumpkin is actually caving in.  I bought all these pumpkins to decorate for fall.  When I was getting one out of the trunk, I knocked it on the side of the car or something.  I forget exactly what happened.  It made a little nick on the pumpkin but I didn’t think much about it.

Until last night.  I had hung up a craft project, a present for a baby shower, to see how it would look.  I called my husband to come upstairs and see my amazing handy-work.  He happened to look in the fireplace and notice my sad pumpkin, “Oh my gosh Mary, what happened to the pumpkin?”  Um….  As best as I can figure, the ding from getting it out of my trunk eventually caused my pumpkin to cave in.  Yup, so that’s what’s really happening at my house.

I can’t wait to share my project!  I made the most adorable bunting as a shower decoration/gift for one of my good friends.  We are throwing her a baby shower on Saturday.  So, it may be Monday before I’m back with pictures.
Tonight it’s going to be a cake extravaganza at our house.  The town I work in does a big Christmas to do and one of the ladies organizations is sponsoring Cupcake Wars.  I of course am participating.  I’m making filled Black Forest Cupcakes, roughly using this recipe.  

And tomorrow is my school’s Veterans Day assembly and we’re doing a lunch for all the veterans that attend so I’m bringing a pumpkin cake.  This is my absolute favorite pumpkin cake recipe.  It’s so easy.  And delicious.  And moist.  And it seems like a scratch cake.  But it’s a cake mix and a can of pumpkin.  Magical.  It’s supposed to be a recipe for cupcakes but I almost always make it like a sheet cake.  Mmmm, I hope there’s some left so I can eat it.

What kind of fall festivities are you up to?  Anyone else have their pumpkin cave in?  No, just me?  Okay.  Also, I have eaten way too many Tootsie Rolls today.  Ug.

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