Monday, May 20, 2013

A Fish, Paint, and Rain

This weekend was absolutely perfect.  One of those weekends you just don't want to ever end because it's so wonderful.  Friday night I was going to cook something for dinner.... I don't even remember what.  But I got a Papa John's coupon in my email so we had a free pizza.  So it was pizza and then tropical drinks on Friday night.  Perfect Friday night.  We sat out on the deck, the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  A great start to the weekend.

Saturday morning I got to sleep in.  Mmmm, sleeping in.  My favorite Saturday morning.  And then we went fishing.  I've always been kind of an outdoorsy girl.  Okay wait, that's not true.  My sister used to chase me with worms and I would cry.  Since I graduated from high school I've been pretty outdoorsy.  I worked at a summer camp for four summers.  Anyway.  My husband loves fishing and I go with him a lot.  So, we were fishing at a little local lake.  And I caught a 10.6 pound catfish.  If you're not a fisher, that's a pretty good size catfish, especially for a small lake.  Reeled him in totally by myself.  I'm fairly proud.  We had him for dinner Sunday night.  Fried fish, yum.

That thing is 28" long.  And I am sunburned.

My parents came up yesterday to help us finish painting the outside of the house.  And it's done.  My husband and Dad are amaaaaazing.  My mom and I went to graduation at the school where I work.  When we got back, the house was almost done.  The house looks so good.  Especially with all four sides painted and not just two.  I haven't been able to take pictures yet because it's been crazy stormy.  Just lots of rain and wind.  But, here's a before.  The change is huge.

The garage door has been painted.  All the siding, trim, windows, and shutters are painted.  Huge difference. And the sidewalk is going to get replaced this summer hopefully.  We also have plans of replacing those terrible shrubs.  This picture is from when we first bought our house.  

I'll be back tomorrow with more cleaning.  This cleaning a little every day is definitely working!  Loving it so much!  How was your weekend?  Anybody paint or clean anything?  Or go to a high school graduation?  I'm ready to power through this week, last week of school for the kids!

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  1. Mary, what a fish tale!! I love it! I can not wait to see the outside of your house. I love before and afters. Hope you have a great day!