Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A New Coat for Spring

I mentioned we finished painting our house over the weekend.  You may remember we started painting last fall.  So it's good to finally have it done.  It's such a great improvement.  So like a good little blogger, I'm here to share some before and afters.  Just go ahead and ignore the huge need for landscaping.  It's out of control.  I hate weeding flower beds.  And we have a lot of flower beds.  I need to get the weed killer going.

Front:  Before

Front:  After
We're planning to redo that front sidewalk.  That's why the pavers are stacked there by the garage.  Attractive, I know.  We're working on it.  It's on the list, obviously.

South side:  Before
That paint was peeling badly.  Ug, it looked so terrible.  I've also cut off those yucca plant blooms.  They get out of control.
South side:  After
I still need to scrape the paint around the window panes.  It's not high on my list of fun house activities.  I'll get on it eventually though.

West Side:  Before

West Side:  After
Apparently I still need to paint the back door into the garage.  I hadn't really walked around that side of the house until today.  So that will be a summer project.  I also need to trim those bushes.  Or do something with them.

West Side:  After
The whole thing.  It's such an improvement.  I love it.  Also, my dad is amazing to climb on the roof to paint all that trim. 

North Side:  Before
Oh boy, that side was so ugly to start with.  Such a hot mess.  The deck pre-staining.  The turquoise shutters.  Beautiful.
North Side:  After
You can't tell because there's snow on the ground in the first picture, but we've brought the patio out.  We added pavers and gravel out to where the deck above stops.  And we stained the deck last summer to match the brick.  And with those grey shutters, so much better!  Now I'm just waiting on another coat of stain for the deck this summer and a new cover for the a/c unit.

What are you doing on the outside of your house?  Anybody else tackling tons of painting?  It's so great to have it done!

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  1. Mary, the garage door turned out great! The white really made it pop! I have to say I LOVE yard work! I know I am CRAZY, but I can't help it I do! If you every need any help, I am always up for a visit! LOL! The changes are look great! Keep up the hard work!