Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring To Do List

We've had four gorgeous days in a row.  Gorgeous.  I'm in love.  And it's supposed to get cold and rainy again tomorrow.  Man, this weather is such a tease.  But since I'm so desperately ready for spring, I'm busting out with a spring to do list.

1.  Finish painting the house.  We started last summer and only got two sides done.  Super classy, right.  My parents are coming to help soon.
2.  Demo the old sidewalk and put in stepping stones.  The stepping stones that have been stacked beside for our garage for a year.  I'm dreading this project because I know it's going to be seriously hard work.  Yes, the old sidewalk is broken up and in terrible shape, but that's a lot of concrete to haul out.

3.  Re-stain the deck.  Yup, re-stain.  Ug.  It looked so pretty last summer.  But the winter was not kind and I'm going to have to put a new coat of stain on all the flat surfaces.  I'm thinking two coats this time.  I want that business to last.

4.  Keep plants alive.  I bought three hanging plants yesterday from our FFA kids, they do a spring plant fundraiser.  They are all gorgeous and in full bloom.  The goal is to keep them alive.  And I figure hanging ones, Rowdy can't eat.

5.  Finally decorate the master bedroom.  This is driving me up the wall.  I've rearranged furniture and it's better.  But we just have a big pile of crap.  It's not relaxing.  It's not serene.  We only go in there to sleep.  There has to be a better design plan.  I just have to get there.  This is what we're working with right now.
I'm thinking a new white duvet.  And some pretty throw pillows.  And maybe new art over the bed.  

6.  Paint the windows.  All of them.  We still have the original windows our house was built with.  They look pretty rough and should honestly be replaced.  But that is a project for another day.  So, for now they all need to be painted.

7.  Build an air conditioner cover.  Right now we have this little picket fence rigged around the A/C.  It looks terrible but we needed something after Rowdy ate the air conditioner cord last summer.  I want something like this.  So much better than what we have!

What's on your spring to-do list?  Are you guys as ready as I am to get outside and get the projects going? 


  1. Love your lists! From the pictures your deck doesn't look bad. I was in FFA in high school and first year of college :). I've had build an air conditioning cover on my list since last year and even have some supplies for it...maybe this year??? Good luck!!

    1. Thanks :) Those pictures are from last summer just after it was finished. My internet has been spotty keeping me from uploading new pictures :( But I'd say at least 1/3 of the stain has come off.

      We should totally build air conditioning covers together. You know, over the internet.