Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cleaning Calender Revisited

A while back, I shared my cleaning calendar.  I whipped up a super cute cleaning calender, printed it at Walgreens and threw it in a frame.  And there it sat in my laundry room.  It was cute.  But I never cleaned anything.  Fail.  Okay, not that I didn't clean, but I wasn't doing a small job daily.  I was just letting everything pile up to have to clean the house top to bottom when people came over.  It's way more fun to watch Gilmore Girls after work than clean.

But since I've started making a more conscious effort and making myself spend just a few minutes cleaning right when I get home, it's not a big deal at all.  So, since I'm newly back in love with my cleaning calendar, I'm sharing it again.
Let's be realistic though people, I don't ever get anything extra done in the morning.  I am just not a morning person.  It's just never going to happen.  I've come to terms with that.  Cleaning or working out before work are just not practical choices for me.  So, I usually start my load of laundry when I go to bed.  Or I at least throw it in the washer so all I have to do is hit the button when I leave for work.

So I definitely do the counter wiping down in the afternoon when I get home from work.  I also make the bed then too.  My husband is still in bed when I leave for work.  I know it's probably silly to make the bed at like 5 o'clock but I just feel like it makes the bedroom look so much cleaner.

So yesterday's chore was vacuuming.  Am I the only person that hates bagless vacuums?  I always make a huge mess when I empty the canister.  I even took the vacuum apart and cleaned the canister and filters.  Super gross.  But I know it needed to be done. 

I'm feeling so successful right now!  Like somebody could totally just pop in at my house and I wouldn't panic.  I love it.  How's your spring cleaning going?  I still need to tackle the laundry room.  That may be a summer project.


  1. I LOVE this calendar Mary!! We get so behind but seeing what needs to be done on paper makes it seem not so bad after all. I'm going to copy this asap although if I put it in my laundry room I'm sure I'll forget all about it! Thanks for the inspiration!

    P.S. Get hubby on the make-bed bandwagon before he leaves for work ;)

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