Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinterest Spring Challenge

I'm not really sure why I thought right in the middle of state testing was the time to tackle our bedroom.  Apparently I've lost my mind.  However, crafts keep me happy.  Man, I love crafts.  So it seems like it was actually the perfect time.  I wish I had the total reveal today but I hit a hiccup in one of my projects but hopefully it will be finished soon.  It just requires the purchase of some Mod Podge.  I know, I know.  Somehow I'm out.

So this is part of the Spring Pinterest Challenge over at Young House Love, I of course, am linking up over there.  Go check out all the gorgeous projects.

Anyway.  So I had a vision.  White, yellow and grey.  Our walls were already grey-ish blue.  They were supposed to be more grey than blue but the paint came out a little differently than I had originally imagined.  We're working with it though.  And we're off....

I love baking.  Especially cupcakes.  So, this piece of art was perfect.  And even husband approved.  I've been eyeballing it for ages but just couldn't ever justify buying it.

Super cute, right!  So I grabbed a wooden plaque at JoAnn's the other day.  I had some re-positionable letters that I'd bought a while back.  I eyeballed the placement and stuck the letters to the wood.  Then I just painted over the whole thing.  I peeled the letters off and was left with woodgrain and black.  Perfect.  Now it hangs between our bedroom and closet doors.

And I redid the art over the bed.  What I had just felt too dark, it was weighing down the room almost as much as that black comforter.  I had a couple of ideas I wanted to work in.

I can't find the source for the other one guys.  Super bummer!  If you know the source, let me know and I'll l ink it.  So, I knew I wanted our initials and that great confetti art.  I wanted to try the confetti art with punched out circles this time.  I've done art like that before and painted it and it's always a giant pain in the butt.  So I picked up a couple different sizes of circle punches.  I already had glue dots on hand.  And I grabbed a couple of wooden letters from the craft store.  I'm still not 100% sold on how I did our initials but it's not a big deal to change down the road.

And get ready for some more pictures because I didn't end with just new wall art.  I made some more fun updates.  I think I'm really happy with it.  Still have to get the husband seal of approval when he gets home from work.  

I feel like it looks so much bigger now.  Not that it could ever look huge, but it just seems airier to me.  I really wanted pillow shams that were white, yellow, and grey chevron print but I couldn't find any I liked or any good fabric.  Rats.  So I'm settling for these yellow leaf print pillow cases from Target for right now.  And I got the comforter at Target, those are my favorite comforters.  They're super cheap and so cozy.  The pink one in our spare bedroom is just like it.  

How did your guys Pinterest projects turn out?  Anyone else have multiple projects you attempted and have one crap out on you?  Overall I'm pretty happy with mine.  Fingers crossed my second try of the last one works out.  I'm super excited about it.  I'm thinking it's going to be my favorite.


  1. love the cupcake sign. I'm stealing that line!

    1. Thanks! I've been seeing those signs in stores and lusting after them but had been to cheap to ever pony up the cash.

  2. That cupcake sign is adorable! I thought it was going to be big but I love how small it is!

    1. Thanks! I especially love tiny things. All the ones I've seen in stores are small too. I don't know, something about miniature things is adorable.