Monday, May 6, 2013

What a Snore

Okay, maybe not really.  But I thought it would be fun to look back at how I've decorated my bedroom.  That is after I went on a massive treasure hunt to find old pictures.  But, mission accomplished.  Mostly anyway.  I wish I had pictures of my bedroom as a kid.

In third grade I got to pick my bedroom color.  I moved into my very own bedroom and IT HAD TO BE PINK.  I loved it.  And I picked out a cream bedspread with an attached burgundy dust ruffle.  The bedspread was covered in burgundy and hunter green roses.  Then I graduated to cream colored walls.  So much more grown up you know.  With a hunter green and cream plaid comforter.  Man, the 90s were awesome.  Somewhere along the way my walls became plastered with posters of Christian rock bands.  In high school I convinced my mom to let me paint my walls blue and spray paint clouds on the walls.  It was truly amazing.  My mom is fantastic BTW.

So, let's fast forward to about 2006.  Apparently this is the point when I became obsessed with taking pictures of where I lived.  Ha ha.  Anyway, here we go.  Basically in chronological order.

My first apartment completely on my own.  After college. 

 Yes, lots and lots of color.  I was going for a beach theme.  Everywhere in my apartment.

Same apartment.  New comforter.  And the bedding buying problem begins....

I moved to Kansas City and kept the same bedding.

Then there was new bedding.  Which I somehow never took a picture of.  There was a boy living there too (my husband, obviously) so I felt like it was time to move out of the pink and brown.  So I went red and brown.  If you pay close attention, this is the exact same bedding that's in our guest bedroom right now.  I like to recycle.

When we got a new bed, I once again had to buy new bedding.  Okay, honestly we used the red comforter for a while.  It was ridiculous and too small for the king sized bed.  I'm cheap though.  Well, I finally found a set I liked and bought it.  I didn't give it much thought.  Or spend much money on it.  
All black.  I like it.  But I'm feeling like it's too dark.

Our bedroom is pretty small.  I'm not really sure on exact measurements.  But it's small.  Especially with the three dressers, TV cabinet, and king sized bed.  So I think some lighter bedding may be just what the doctor ordered.  

So, how do you decorate your bedroom?  Anybody else working with a tiny bedroom and too much stuff?  What's your opinion on bedding colors?  Should we go white?  


  1. Haha that much furniture would make any bedroom tiny! I wish we had a king size bed too! I've definitely collected a few bedding sets and although I don't want to use them again, I can't bring myself to get rid of them!

    1. I know! It's ridiculous. We used to have a vanity in there too until I moved it to the spare bedroom. I just love the king so much. I don't know how we survived before lol.

  2. White is always pretty, but you could always just grab some bright and colorful throw pillows to see if that helps you feel lightened up! I have a thing for bedding too. It gets expensive, right?! Oy.