Wednesday, October 17, 2012

drink on it

So, we pile massive amounts of junk on our coffee table.  Back in the summer I bought a couple of trays at JoAnn's.  I painted the sides and decoupaged matching scrapbook paper into the bottom.  I was okay with how they looked, but they weren't my favorite.  

The paper wasn't totally smooth.  It wasn't quite the right side of turquoise for our living room.  I just wasn't in love.  Then I found this.
And I was in love.  Except I couldn't find the acrylic water I needed to set the bottle caps.  Until I finally found it.  And then remember how I didn't have any bottle caps.  Well, my amazing sister came to my rescue with her huge bag full of bottle caps, don't worry, she doesn't have a drinking problem, they were collected over time by numerous people.  Anyway, I got my tray done finally.  Months later.  And I am officially in love.  I left my bottle caps with their beer label on them.  I had enough different ones that no two are alike.  I love it.  

I had read horror stories about wooden trays leaking when you poured the acrylic water in.  So I pulled a trusty tube of caulk from all of our sealing up our house projects.  I caulked all the inside seams and for good measure I caulked the seams on the bottom as well.  Then I put in all my bottle caps.  In hindsight I wish I had glued them down before I poured in the acrylic water.  The pouring displaced a lot of the bottle caps and I had to try to push them back down.  Well, there were still some floaters so I ended up having to buy a third set of acrylic water.  So my project ended up costing a little more than I would've liked, but I still love how it looks.  

So, 63 bottle caps (and sorting through a ton more), three packages of acrylic water, and a coat of spray paint later, I have a tray that I'm super happy with.  It's going to be great holding our remotes.  And let's be honest, at least three bottles of nail polish.

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