Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Must Haves

There are some things I'm pretty sure I need for fall.  I think most of these are things I at least kind of need.  I'm psyched for fall this year.  Forgive me for saying psyched.  Ug.

Fall Must Haves

1.  A navy cardigan.  I already have three tan, a black, and a grey.  Navy would go with so many things.
2.  A Coach crossbody bag.  I would use this all the time.  And I think I can snag one at the outlet mall when I go to my fall conference.
3.  I have posted these flats before.  I'm going to throw my zebra print flats in the trash just as soon as I buy at least one pair of these flats.
4. & 5.  I am totally making bracelets like this.  I pinned some similar ones the other day.
6. Tall brown boots.  I want to wear these with leggings and summer dresses for the fall.  Oh boy.  I just need to find some for my less than skinny calves.
7.  New sunglasses.  I know, apparently for some reason no one else wears sunglasses outside of summer.  This is insane.  I wear sunglasses year round.  We are in a committed relationship.  I need new ones that don't suck.  So I need someone reliable to go sunglass shopping with me.  I always fail on my own.
8.  No, I don't really need anymore new earrings.  Those are so cute though.

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