Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Secret Santa

Okay, we all know I loooooove Christmas.  I started working on designing my Christmas cards yesterday.  I’m already thinking about where to put our tree. And if a furry white tree skirt is too over the top.  And I’ve already decided I’m changing up our color scheme this year. 

In the past I have always (I mean ever since I’ve had my own Christmas tree, so a good ten years) had a gold and burgundy tree.  In college our school colors were maroon and white so it was kind of like I had school spirit and pacified my sister who constantly freaks out because I’m a Mizzou fan and not a Missouri State fan even though it’s where I went to school.  I also always had burgundy in my living room because of my pink couch.  Since we bought new furniture last year (the pink furniture was banished to the basement, very manly of course) and I painted the back of our built ins turquoise, I think it’s time for the burgundy to go.  My cheapo Walmart ornaments have led a good life, now it’s time to retire them.  Maybe make a wreath out of them and give it to someone else. 

So I’m thinking of a more winter wonderland theme this year.  I’m going to keep using my gold ornaments – I have the regular “glass” balls, stars, some snowflakes, icicles, and some random gold ornaments my husband and I have bought since we’ve been together.  The plan is to mix in some silver and have a pretty metallic tree.  I think a furry white or some kind of sparkly white tree skirt would be amazing.  I can’t wait! 

Where did all this Christmas excitement come from all of a sudden?  Other than my obvious love of Christmas decorations.  We do Secret Santa at my work and today we drew.  I am so excited about the person I’m buying for.  I just drew her name (and “wish list”) about 30 minutes ago and I’m already planning what to get her.  We do one little gift every day for a week that costs under $3 and then on Friday we do a breakfast and do the big reveal with a gift that costs about $10.  So it’s possible I already have planned what I’m going to do.  Here we go, possibly more for my benefit than anyone else’s.
Monday:  Diet Vanilla Coke from Sonic
Tuesday:  Oatmeal Raisin cookies (I may try that cute idea where you put them in a Pringles can or some other cute packaging)
Wednesday:  Fancy post its 
Thursday:  Peppermint patties
Friday:  BIG GIFT DAY!  I’m thinking a navy and mustard yellow wreath
I’m so excited!  I feel like I have somebody this year that I can totally be a great Santa for.  I can’t wait to get started!  I have

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