Monday, October 29, 2012

Laundry Room Reveal (sort of)

So, as I predicted, the laundry room is not done.  It is however, much better than it was.  I got a lot done!  I did three loads of laundry (they’re laying on the bed in the spare bedroom waiting to be folded, don’t judge).  I shredded a bunch of junk mail and took two bags of paper to be recycled.  I took one giant bag to Goodwill to donate.  I did a little fun updating of my laundry shelf and I DIY’d some storage for kitchen towels.  Love it!

I know I wasn’t going to spend any money on the laundry room.  I realized I needed some bins to put kitchen towels in.  We have exactly three drawers in our kitchen, so no really good place to put kitchen towels.  They have just gotten hopped around, never finding a good home.  Sigh.  That is until Friday.  I hit the Target Dollar Spot and grabbed three bins for $2.50 each.  So, not free, but pretty cheap.  

I already had the silver spray paint sitting around for another project I never got to.  So I put that to good use.  I didn’t take a before picture but these bad boys started live as a dark orange.  Fall colors, it made sense, but definitely did not match the pink and zebra laundry room.  I thought about just spraying the inside too, but I knew I had some black and white polka dot wrapping paper left over from wrapping attendant gifts for our wedding that would be perfect inside.  So, after the spray paint had dried (I definitely did not give it the full cure time, I’m too impatient, but it was still dry) I brought my bins inside for some mod podge.  

A view of my completed basket.  So pretty!

The inside of my bins.  Not perfectly smooth, but my towels won't mind.

Bins all lined up and ready to store towels.
And my shelf update.  I got zebra print contact paper and covered my shelves.  I think it makes the plain old black plastic shelf from Walmart a little more fun.

And if you're playing a little "I Spy", that is definitely house paint sitting there beside my laundry shelf.  Here's the thing.  We bought two five gallon buckets of paint at Sherwin Williams when they were having their 40% off sale (super bargain!)  And we've been working, very slowly, on painting the outside of our house.  The paint needs to stay inside so it stays a reasonably consistent temperature and they are way to heavy to haul back down to the basement where the rest of the paint is stored.  So, for now, that's their home.  But it's an improvement because now they are stacked up and shoved out of the way.

I can't wait to show you what else is cooking in the laundry room.  I also can't wait til tomorrow to show you my Pinterest project for the Fall Pinterest Challenge!  Anybody else do organizing this weekend?  My husband and I also tackled the basement.  I am happy to say, I no longer feel twitchy when I go into either of our storage rooms in the basement.  It's not great, but it's so much better!

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