Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Project Fail

Oh boy.  I was so excited.  I pinned this a few days ago....
I went to JoAnn's to buy the supplies.  I was super excited.  This was immediately one of those "Must Do" projects.  I was going to simplify though.  I love the idea of leaving the bottle caps in their natural state, you know, with the beer label still on them.  I love the spray painted color look but I am using a bright turquoise tray so I thought the variety of beer caps would be a nice contrast.  In my head all I had to buy was the acrylic water/epoxy, whichever I could find.  Well, JoAnn's had neither so I temporarily gave up.

Fast forward to today.  I went to Walmart on my way home from work and was thrilled to find acrylic water in the floral section, just as Michelle said it would be.  I should have listened to her earlier, I just hate going to Walmart.  Anyway, I left Walmart, ecstatic that I had my acrylic water and I could make my tray.  I was sooooo excited!  I had the last thing I needed, the spray paint sitting in my garage, a tray on the coffee table waiting to be remade, and I was sure I had a stash of bottle caps.  

So I'm home ready to start and I go to look for my bottle caps.  They live in a ceramic turtle one of my friends made for me in college.  I hadn't checked to make sure there were actually bottle caps there, I just remembered storing them there back when we lived in our apartment.  I had been saving them for something my sister was going to make.  Well, apparently I threw them away when we moved.  Turtle still exists, it's just empty.  And I'm sad.  Now I have to set about collecting bottle caps again.  So I just texted my two beer drinking sisters and asked them to save beer caps for me.  And I'm super disappointed I can't do my project now.  If I had realized this like two weeks ago when I was originally going to start this project I could have had a good start on my bottle caps.  Sad!  So now it's going to be at least another few weeks, depending on beer consumption of others, before I can finish my tray.

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