Monday, October 1, 2012

Fancy Fingers

I have a serious problem.  I jump on trend band wagons.  I may need a twelve step program.  It always starts out so innocently with an, “Oh, that’s cute.”  Then it evolves into, “Wow, that is so super cute!”  And then it becomes, “Holy cow, that is amazing I need that right now!”  It’s bad.  I mean really bad people.

The latest obsession (as of last night) is all these super cute fancy nails.  I’m in love.  A few weeks ago I pinned this really cute picture that was pink nails with the ring finger nail painted a sparkly silver. 

Yesterday before I logged into pinterest, there was a really cute picture on the main page of some red, white, and blue fingernails.  They were cute and 4th of July-ish but not in a cheesy over the top way. 

So I clicked on the picture and then I went to the girls blog.  Holy cow.  Now all I can think about is having really cute, trendy nails.  So I tried it last night.  I did bright pink and then one sparkly finger.  My husband was not impressed. Apparently he is not a fan of the “accent nail”

There are some seriously adorable and intricate things I want to try.  Leopard print.  Chevron stripes.  Tiny hearts.  Tic tac toe with hearts.  Oh, they’re so adorable.  I think this might actually require going to get ones nails done or buy those adhesive nail strips and I’m really too cheap to do either.  Maybe I’ll start practicing on my toenails.

Note:  I tried desperately to create link-backs to the original website but my computer is giving me the finger.  I think if you click on the picture it will take you to my pinterest and then you can click to the website.  My apologies.

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