Monday, October 1, 2012

Old dogs, new tricks

Well, the dog isn't really that old.  He's.... oh, about 7 months old now.  And living up to the name of Rowdy.  Anyway, Rowdy has been slowly destroying our basement.  Specifically our couch.  So we decided it was time for Rowdy to get a new bed that he might hopefully want to lay on.  He has a really cheap bed that stays in his kennel.  He doesn't sleep on it.  Ever.  All I can really tell that he does with the old bed is hump it.

To prevent humping and to save our couch in the basement I sewed him a new bed.  My first On My Own Sewing Project.  I had great ideas of how this dog bed would work.  We had an old egg shell mattress on one of our spare beds.  I decided it could be turned into a dog bed.  It was off a full size bed so I cut it in quarters.  I put two of the quarters together bumpy side together.  When I had two stacks of foam I put two cheapo pillows between the two layers.  So that was the fluffy part of the bed.  Then I sewed an envelope pillow case out of a plastic table cloth to cover the fluff with to make it waterproof-ish.  Once the bed had the plastic cover I started on the actually cloth cover.  I used two of those $6 fleece blankets from Walmart. (the fall print blankets were kind of ugly).  I made a second envelope pillow case out of the fleece.  It turned out reasonably well.  It's not super attractive because a) the fabric was not very cute and b) it's hard to sew furry fabric.  It got the job done though.

Rowdy still isn't too sure about the bed.  Hopefully he figures out its his place so I didn't waste all my time making that crazy dog bed.

In other news, I really need to get my bathrooms more organized.  I have no drawers and no good space to store all of my stuff.  I accidentally (maybe when I was sort of looking up bullying stuff on pinterest) came across this amazing hair tool holder.  And now I want one.  Remember that post this morning about being obsessed with cool things I find....  Now I desperately want one of these caddies for my hair dryer and flat iron.

I think if I asked my dad he could build me one.  I think I'm going to ask for one for Christmas.  And then I wouldn't have to rummage around under my bathroom sink every time I wanted my hair dryer or flat iron.  

And it's possible this is the second thing from Pottery Barn Teen that I'm in love with.  I may have problems. Sheesh.  They just have such cute stuff.  

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