Friday, October 19, 2012

The Truth About my Desk

I have to admit something.  My office at work is a disaster zone.  I cleaned out my desk a few weeks ago.  We were without internet one day, for an entire morning, so I cleaned out my desk.  I’ve been at my job about a year and a half.  When I started my job, my desk already had some stuff in it.  I never really bothered to clean it out because there was so much to do when I first started.  So, all the drawers were full of previous counselor’s stuff with my stuff shoved in on top.  Not really the most efficient way to work.  It was horrible.  So I purged.  Majorly purged.  Now all of my desk drawers are organized.  There was one tiny embarrassing problem left though.  My desk drawer organizer was a silverware tray.  You know, the ones that cost like ninety-seven cents at Walmart.  Not cool.  Well, I was helping my sister set up for her garage sale the other day and she was getting rid of her desk tray.  Now it has a happy new home in my desk.  I’m super excited about it.  But can someone please tell me why I have three calculators in my desk?  I’m a school counselor; I have no need for three calculators.  Sheesh.

So, the inside of my desk is organized.  The top….  Not so much.  So, today is the day.  I’m going to get busy and organize this mess.  And then, when my desk top is clean, I’m going to tackle the rest of my office.  It’s going to be so amazing.  And I’m even going to take my crock pot and my bag of huge Tupperware (it used to hold 4 dozen cupcakes) out to my car and take it all home.  Yes, I just admitted that I have kitchen stuff in my office.  This is ridiculous people.

So, I’m super excited to get my office clean.  Every day when I walk in, I just shake my head and try to ignore it.  It’s not helping.  Today is the day, this is happening people.  I may also have to go out to my car and get a new cd to listen to.  Anyway, hooray for a productive day at work. 

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