Thursday, October 11, 2012

Turn It On

Our bathroom sink sucks.  I mean it's super bad.  When we first looked at our house, I thought I loved the sink.  It matched our tub.  Our tube is green and the sink is cream with the same green marbled through it.  But the finish in the bottom of the sink is absolutely destroyed.  It looks terrible.  And the faucet is gold and white and is super tarnished.  So basically, this sink is super ugly. 

The other day my dad calls me and says "I found you guys a new sink."  What?  Okay, my dad looooves Craigslist.  He buys and sells stuff on there all the time.  A while back I picked up a post hole digger for the tractor that he found on Craigslist.  Random.  Anyway, he found us a brand new white marble sink.  And now it's sitting in my parents garage, waiting to come to our house and replace the old ugly sink.

So now I'm faucet shopping.  My dad implied that I ought to buy a new faucet before he comes with the new sink.  So I'm trying to find one that I like.  It's hard to pick them out online.  I got a new shower head a while back that's brushed nickel so I'm trying to find one that goes with it.  I'm thinking about one of these.....
I really like the second one and the last one.  No decisions yet. 

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