Friday, October 26, 2012

No-Clutter-November: Laundry Room

Oh man, get ready for some brutal honesty.  I mentioned my laundry room was bad.  But I bet nobody really believed how bad it actually was.  But, here goes.  Sorry, if the pictures are oddly blurry, they looked fine on my camera until I uploaded them.  Weird.  Anyway.
Problems in this picture:  Bag of stuff to go to Goodwill that I cleaned out of our hall closet last winter.  A case of water in the middle of the floor.  Rolls of paper towels that have no home.  A cake container, obviously those live in the floor.  My swimsuit still hanging where I put it to dry the end of August.  Clothes spread across the top of my paper goods bucket, they were put there to dry.... oh a few weeks ago.  On top of the freezer, beer one of my husband's friends made, a vacuum sealer, and the iron.  An orange rug that matched our apartment bathroom that I finally got out of our master bathroom back in the summer and haven't found a spot to store.  Jeans waiting to be washed.  Sheesh.

Problems in this picture:  Small appliances surrounding my laundry:  a deep fryer, a Dirt Devil, an electric skillet, a dehydrator, and a waffle iron.  Also on those shelves, a random bowl, about 3 spools of ribbon, and some pans on the bottom shelf.  Then we have two five gallon buckets of paint.  The mop bucket.  Recycling, the shredder, and a massive box of papers that are waiting to be shredded.

Problems in this picture (there are fewer since it overlaps other pictures):  Empty storage drawer on top of the dryer, it has never been the right size to do what I need it to.  Huge basket of socks that need to be folded and matched.  A rug that belongs in the kitchen but had an accident with dinner one night.

Problems in this picture:  Nothing is organized.  That big pink drawer is useless.  There's crap in here we never use.

So, can you tell what I'm working on today?  I've already done some serious work on the shredding issue.  I have bags sitting by the door ready to go to the recycling.  The Goodwill stuff is getting bagged up and dropped off.  I think I'm going to work on the stuff that is obvious and out first and then start on the closet.  And I'm thinking there is a mini craft project on its way.

I desperately want one of these....
Laundry basket dressers.  I am in love.  I need somebody to help me build one of these.  Or maybe two.  Sadly, these are low on my home improvement list.  So, for now we're just going to have to be happy with de-cluttering the laundry room.  It's going to be great.  Hopefully I'll be back Monday with a new and improved laundry room.  Oh, and that big pink drawer is going away.

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