Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh So Inviting

One of my good friends is getting ready to welcome her first child.  Another friend and I are throwing her a shower.  I love throwing showers for people.  I love all the planning -- the decorations, the food, the perfect gift, all of it!

So, of course I volunteered to design the invitation.  I threw around lots of ideas and sent lots of emails with preliminary invitation designs.  The constant among all of them was a bunting.  I knew I wanted a bunting across the top.  I'm pretty much in love with them.  Swoon!

I found some ideas I liked on Pinterest and just by doing a Google image search.  For about 5 minutes I thought about cutting out tiny paper flags and making my own bunting on each invite.  Then I came to my senses and decided my time could be spent in better ways than doing that.  So, I ended up finding a design I liked.  I used a green, red, yellow, orange, and blue bunting.  Simple.  Those are the colors she's doing for her nursery.  I downloaded a sweet swirly font for free, off dafonts.com probably, but I forget where.  Anyway.  And I adhered each invitation to a plaid piece of paper that matched the bunting.
Please ignore my bad censoring of the invitations.  We're low-tech here at our house and that's the best I could do on the laptop.  And my fingernails were wet.  So, with that consideration, I think it's pretty cute.
I joined the washi tape craze and wrapped some around the bottom corner of the envelope.  It wasn't really exactly what I wanted but it worked.  Remember that part about me living in a tiny town.  Well, DG definitely does not carry washi tape.  And all JoAnn's had (that I could find anyway) was this roll with a variety of colors and prints.  Unfortunately some of those prints were pink.  For the most part I was able to cut the pink off, pink's not really appropriate for a boy baby shower.  Anyway, I was pretty pleased.

And now, here's everything all together.  Wouldn't you love to receive that in the mail?  I shipped them off to the other party hostess because she has gorgeous handwriting.  I wish I'd had her address my wedding invitations.  

So there you have it.  Oh, and remember how I said I was painting my nails.  Well, I tried something new.  I think I have at least 5 coats of polish on now.  But, I did a silver to turquoise glitter ombre.  It's pretty amazing if I do say so myself.  And now I have to hope my nails are dry enough to go let my dog out.

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